CRUSH OF LIGHT. Is a project dedicated to the creation of fun and experimental travel photography that connects our planet to a more surreal and sometimes spiritual dimension. I have always loved nature, playing with light, digital collage and vibrant colours. As a result, I travel to what I believe are beautiful places in the world to capture amazing sites through the lens and bring them to you in the form of prints carefully printed in Bogotá. In addition to conceiving my own collections, I´m looking forward to collaborating with custom series.


ME. Born and raised in Colombia by amazing nature-loving parents. Educated in arts and cinema in Bogotá, Paris and life itself. Supporter of animal rights, veganism and a plastic-free world. Lover of yoga, sunny days, the ocean, and traveling as often as I can. Trying to live in connection with the divine and the invisible realm that is powerfully life-sustaining.  


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