We´ll donate a portion of the proceeds to the MALPELO FOUNDATION to support save the SHARKS.


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We´ll donate a portion of the proceeds to the MALPELO FOUNDATION to support save the SHARKS.

"The Malpelo Fauna and Flora Sanctuary is the largest no-fishing zone in the Eastern Tropical Pacific. This special Marine Protected Area (MPA) is an UNESCO World Heritage Site and is known for large aggregations of shark species: over 200 hammerheads, and more than 1,000 silky  sharks, whale sharks, and tuna have been recorded. 

In 2016 Malpelo was designated a Hope Spot by the joint Mission Blue/IUCN Hope Spots Council. Mission Blue and IUCN’s Hope Spots initiative’s mission is to ignite broad public support for a global network of marine protected areas large enough to protect and restore the ocean’s health. The driving force behind the success of the Malpelo Hope Spot is the community of ocean advocates and citizen scientists promoting its protection. Sandra Bessudo, Marine Biologist and Founder of the Malpelo Foundation, is at the heart of Malpelo and its strongest spokesperson.

Hope Spots are special places that are critical to the health of the ocean — Earth’s blue heart. Hope Spots are about recognizing, empowering and supporting individuals and communities around the world in their efforts to protect the ocean.

The Malpelo Foundation has been fighting to preserve the incredible marine biodiversity of Malpelo Island for the three last decades. On this inhospitable rock threatened by illegal fishing, the French-Colombian biologist has created a marine sanctuary unique in the world and renowned for its extraordinary natural riches." 
Texts found on the internet via www.mission-blue.org and other websites.


For each print you buy, we´ll donate an amount to the MALPELO FOUNDATION for shark protection. Limited Edition of 45 prints distributed in all sizes.

10 prints --- 40" x 40"  --- We´ll donate $40 USD for each print you buy.
15 prints --- 30" x 30"  --- We´ll donate $20 USD for each print you buy.
20 prints --- 20" x 20"  --- We´ll donate $20 USD for each print you buy.


* You ́ll receive by email proof of payment to the foundation.


N° 5 ~ fisher rock ~
From the Seascape Collection
[San Andrés, Colombia]



All images are digitally printed on paper that achieves exceptional quality and longevity.

100% Cotton Paper - Hahnemühle Fine Art Photo Rag® Baryta [315 gr.]

* All prints have a 1-2 cm white border.

* Frame not included.

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We´ll donate a portion of the proceeds to MISSION BLUE to support save the OCEAN.
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